1 Million Step Challenge-Week 3-4

Published August 11, 2022 by shoutyourheadoff

The challenge is still in full swing and I have managed to rack up over 250k steps in three weeks, which averages at 10k steps a day. That means I am on target to achieve over 300k steps by the end of July. The steps challenge is for between 500k to 1.7 million steps over a period of three months from July to September, which I am sure to have mentioned previously. I am feeling energetic and look forward to my walks with the Windsor&District Ramblers group. The walks are varied visiting all over Berkshire and beyond. The people I walk with are different on many of the walks so there is always the opportunity to meet new people and talk about different things. The age range is quite broad. Young and old alike, but some of the veteran ramblers’ fitness levels are way beyond mine, but I think I am getting there.

These past couple of weeks have taken me on many new and well-trodden walks from my previous ones.

I have walked in quite a few places in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire as well as a walk in the Hampshire town of Lymington, near the New Forest. Every time I went on a walk with the Ramblers or on my own, I felt I was discovering parts of the South that I never knew existed. I made mental notes about which walk would be my favourite, and quite often had to keep changing my mind as all the walks were in places I would love to visit again, going through woodlands and trails that have been rediscovered by the Ramblers all over the UK and made accessible to the public and I believe some 49000 miles of public access routes have been mapped through fields, private land, and the National Trust sites, gardens etc.

If it weren’t for the wonderful work of the Ramblers and other walking organisations around the UK, these paths and trails and wooded trail walks would not exist.

These are some of the photos that have helped me to reach the first milestone of 310k steps

I’m into August now. And the steps target of an average of 10k per day is still on. In my next instalment, I will cover the number of steps achieved and where I have been to reach the daily goals.

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